Why I don’t give away my best stuff for free

It absolutely made my morning yesterday when a
lovely lady in my free Facebook group told me that
she’d printed off a ton of the advice I’d given in there
about writing better emails (13 full pages of it,
apparently!), had took action on implementing what I’d
shared, sent out a “new style” email, and had made
a sale.

Just like that.

And of course this could have been a coincidence…

But let’s assume that it wasn’t 😉

By the way, if you’re not already in the group, you can
join us here:

So all of this got me thinking about this message that
we’re constantly told about how we should ‘give away
our best stuff for free’.

Do I do that?


Absolutely not.

For a couple of reasons, which I’ll come to.

But my strategy with my FREE content is to just
give people enough so they can implement it,
learn more about my methods and what I
recommend, and get results.

It’s VERY possible to take the stuff that I give you for
FREE each day, and make more sales in a fairly
quick window of time.

And that allows you to make an informed decision
about whether you’d like to work with me in greater
depth – once you’ve seen the substance behind all
of it.

If you decide not to buy, then that’s fine, I’ve helped
someone anyway, and I can sleep at night knowing
that what I share for free is a good snapshot of what
happens when you give me your money.

You can’t say fairer than that really, can you?

But there is of course the stuff as well that I share only
with my paying clients.

The real issue here is that just giving people a load of
advice – a load of hints and tips and actionable points –
isn’t really a good idea.

Sure, you will share some of that stuff, very regularly.

But most people won’t take action on it anyway,
because it was free.

And often? People know this stuff.

If you help people to lose weight, then do you really
imagine for one minute that they don’t already KNOW
that they should be doing some kind of combination
of eating less and moving more?

Just telling them that over and over isn’t going to be
hugely effective.

There’s a REASON why they’re not already doing it.

And THAT is something that you need to be exploring
in your content.

As well?

People don’t work with you based on your knowledge

They work with you based on YOU.

So if the content that you share could have been churned
out by any other weight loss coach – because there’s
no personality, or individuality, or YOU as part of it –
then you’ll struggle to stand out.

And let’s be real here…

If I gave everything away for free, then what exactly
would people pay me for?

My paying members would be pretty pissed off if they
joined my programme, and discovered that it was just
all of the stuff that I’d already told them for free, in the
same level of detail.

It’s more than the knowledge too, for sure.

They get support, and accountability, and more of my
time when they need help.

Everything else aside, I just wouldn’t have the TIME to
give that level of support in my free spaces, because
there’s only one of me.

So the real lesson today?

You absolutely DON’T have to ‘give everything away
for free’.

Aside from everything else?

That alone isn’t going to ensure that you’re constantly
in demand.

It’s about making that free stuff the best that it can
possibly be – and that ain’t just a load of hints & tips.


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