The common-sense guide to escaping obscurity

Last week, I created some materials for my clients
around what might be the one of the most un-sexy
tactics that we’ve ever covered.

It wasn’t as enticing as making sales without ever
jumping on consultation calls, or how to write subject
lines that explode your open rates, or how to make
sure that everyone who needs to know who you
absolutely DOES know who you are, and also likes
you, trusts you, and buys from you.

​​​​​​​What I had to say was much less alluring that some
of the things that we do often cover.

But equally important, nonetheless.

It was about the value of a little bit of COMMON

You see, it’s really bloody easy to get caught up with
secret-ninja tactics, advanced strategies, and all of
the million-and-one different things that you’re told
that you need to be doing every day of the week.

But when things are NOT working out the way that
you want it to?

[Which WILL happen to every single business owner
out there, at one point or another].

What is actually going to get you out of that situation
is often just some common sense.

Yep, you sometimes don’t need to go out there and buy
yet another online programme that you and I both
know that you’ll never finish anyway, and you don’t
necessarily need to work with a coach.

Sure, getting help in your business is essential.

But are you stuck with things that if you just took a step
back for a second, many of the solutions to are blatantly

This is what I mean…

If people aren’t buying from you, then it could it be
the case that the right people just don’t know who
you are?

You fix that by getting your content in front of them.

If you’re sharing your content but it’s being

Write better content.

Content that earns you your expert status and makes
you unignorable and compels people to take action.

If you aren’t making sales?

Then you need to actually get out there and ASK more
people to buy.

Your content needs to have a very carefully crafted and
very compelling call-to-action that makes your offer

If people aren’t responding to your emails? And by
responding I don’t necessarily mean replying… I
mean opening them, following your call to action,
and then BUYING?

Then is this because your emails are boring and you’ve
only sent one this month anyway?

If you tell me that people aren’t buying, and then I
look at your social profiles and your emails and
you’re not even talking about your solution and
its benefits and why people absolutely need to
buy right now?

Then you’ve already answered your own question
around why things aren’t working.

The things that you need to escape obscurity are
more than likely right under your nose.

Or literally right in front of your nose.

In this email.

To get unstuck?

Then it’s often going to be a case of getting the right
content in front of the right people.


P.S. I’m guessing that this email is likely to get a lower
open rate than usual. Because I know a thing or two
about email open rates, and I know that a common
sense guide to something does not seem especially

And maybe it’s not.

But it’s important for me to say this stuff, because it’s

Just take a step back.

Apply a little common sense.

Fix what needs to be fixed.

Focus on the things that will actually change your
situation, rather than the latest bright shiny object.


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