The Common Mistake With Email = Throwing Money Away

Struggling to get sales with your emails?

Not converting your list into buyers?

Thinking that you need to shake things up a bit?

Great that you’re here then, because I can help
you with that.

But here’s what you absolutely should NOT do, in
any circumstances, and this ridiculous trend really
needs to die a quick death…

Just going into your email software provider account
and deleting the people who aren’t buying from
you/clicking on your links.

I see discussions of this nature all the time…

‘I just deleted them! I’m focusing on the ones who
are listening! It’s sooo liberating’

>>>What you’ve just liberated yourself from right
there is the possibility of fixing your problem and
making some money.

This is why:

Your stats are skewed anyway, and you can’t rely on

Yes, use them as a guideline. But you can’t guarantee
that the people who you THINK aren’t reading your
emails, actually aren’t. So you may well have just
deleted dozens of people who were actually listening,
engaged, and thinking about working with you.

I’ve seen this in action several times… People who
my email software said didn’t even read the email,
have replied to it, or bought via the link that I shared.
So they definitely DID read that email. Metrics are
important, of course, but you can’t drill down to this
kind of level reliably.

Next, what problem is this going to fix, exactly?

I just don’t know the answer to this, because I can’t
understand the reasoning. If you’re not selling from
your emails, then you’re not fixing any problem by
just deleting people. The REAL problem you need
to fix is that your emails aren’t converting.

Maybe you’re not even getting them opened in the
first place. And if you ARE getting them opened,
then you’re not moving them along to the next
stage. It’s these things right here that need to be

And could it be the case that you just haven’t
nurtured your list enough?

Nurturing is something that’s sorely neglected in the
world of marketing, and we need to talk about this
more. When people join your list, it’s likely that they
have a problem that they need fixing. At this stage,
they may have no real idea what the solution to
that problem is, and they definitely don’t know why
you’re the person who they should pay to help them
to fix it.

​​​​​​​So it’s your job to show them all of that stuff. Bring
them around to your way of thinking. Make them see
that this is what they need. Build a RELATIONSHIP
with them.

I’ve had instances when people have been on my
email list for MORE THAN TWO YEARS before
buying from me. They just weren’t ready to buy,
for whatever reason. Had I just deleted those
people, or not made the commitment to nurturing
my audience daily, then I’d have left thousands
of pounds on the table.

>>>If you want to make a BOLD MOVE to shake your
conversion rates up, then don’t do this daft deleting

The bold move that you need is to use strategies that
are going to fix your actual problems.

One of my favourite tactics with this, that
absolutely DOES work amazingly well when
you get it right?

Get dead wood off your list, for sure. But do that by
polarising your audience. Stand what you stand for,
unapologetically. Give people something to disagree
with. Because you absolutely can’t please everyone,
and if you try, your sales will suffer.

I used one of my email polarising tactics with a new
client back in November.

The instant result?

She got a ton of unsubscribes, which I told her to

Many people would have freaked out, and

But she trusted in the process.

Since then, her open rates have increased
MASSIVELY, she’s getting replies almost every
time she sends an email, and most importantly,
she’s getting a ton of clicks through to her sales
page, where people are then buying her solution.

In fact, she’s done almost $100k in sales so far this

Yep, THIS year.

In just two months.

All because we nailed this conversion stuff, and we
​​​​​​​went nowhere near any of these silly tactics that
don’t work.


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