How to smash copywriters’ block

Are you familiar with that old saying about how cobblers’
kids always have shit shoes?

If not, it’s pretty self-explanatory…

When you’ve got a certain skill or area of expertise, you
spend so much time doing this thing for other people
that you sometimes neglect it for yourself.

​​​​​​​When I was growing up, my mam was a professional
cake decorator.

Beautiful cakes flew out of our house on a weekly basis.

But when my birthday came round?

Well at the risk of sounding like a spoilt brat here…

I never got a bloody cake!

[Incidentally, it’s my birthday in a few weeks and I just
reminded my mam yesterday about this terrible injustice…
So maybe THIS will be the year, eh? I’ll let you know,

So over the weekend, I sat down to rewrite my website
copy, because it was something that I’d definitely been
neglecting, whilst spending a ton of time helping other
people to get THEIRS sorted.

And I totally and completely understood what my
clients mean when they say that getting started with
things like this makes them want to bang their head
repeatedly off their keyboard.

I can write copy for other people all day long with next
to no hassle, but writing my own always feels like a
completely different beast.

You can know all the best copywriting and conversions
tactics in the world… How to grab attention, how to draw
people in, how to make it unignorable, how to inspire
action, and so on…

But actually getting started with writing about yourself
can be seriously tough.

So I spent a little time staring vacantly at a blank screen,
I did a variety of household chores to put it off, I messed
about on Facebook for a while, and then I finally said

When I hit this wall with writing my own content, I’ve
got a few tricks up my sleeve that get me past the
stage where most people get stuck and give up, and
they’ve made a huge difference for just getting stuff

This is what I highly recommend if you’re struggling…

>>>Just start writing

Don’t go into it with the mindset of ‘this is something
that I’m carefully crafting and it needs to be amazing’.
Just start spewing all your thoughts and ideas down,
and see what happens. You’ll no doubt write all kinds
of nonsense to start with, but it’s part of the process.
You need to get the nonsense out of the way.
Sometimes I’ll close my laptop and use a pen and
paper for this instead.

>>>Use the voice recorder on your phone

Start recording, and just start talking about what you
want to say in your copy. You find yourself going
down all kinds of avenues that you hadn’t even thought
of. I generally find myself just skirting around what I
REALLY want to say for the first couple of minutes,
but then I get to the point where I’m like ‘AHA! THAT’S

Once you’ve got the core of what you really want to
say, you can go back and edit it so it’s tight from a
copywriting perspective, and is actually going to do
what you want it to do (getting people signing up for
your list, or getting them to click through to your
sales page, or buying your programme, or whatever
it might be).

This also helps HUGELY when it comes to keeping
your content conversational, and actually sounding
like ‘YOU’. You’re not writing an academic essay
here. The rules of writing that you were taught at
school don’t really apply.

They often say ‘write drunk, edit sober’, and this ‘get
everything out your head’ approach ensures you can
get out of your own way.

I’m sure they don’t mean that LITERALLY, but I’ve
sort of taken it a step further…

>>>Have a glass of wine

Seriously. I’ve crafted some of my best,
highest-performing copy after a glass of wine. I find it
just loosens you up a bit, and gets the ideas flowing.
Stick to one glass though, because after two, you’re
probably going to be writing a load of shite.

If you don’t drink? Then do whatever you do to
unwind for a little while, so you’re not feeling
deadly serious and stressed to bits.

>>>Remind yourself that YOU ARE A BLOODY

There is no time for being modest when you’re writing
your content. You need to get yourself into the frame
of mind where you recognise just how good you are
at what you do.

So do whatever that takes… Remind yourself of your
clients’ results. Recognise that this expertise that you
have, that you take for granted, is the exact thing that
keeps other people awake at night. Go and have a
word with yourself in front of the mirror.

Otherwise, you end up with wishy-washy copy where
you’re almost apologising to people for selling to them,
or you’re doing that thing that I see all the time when
you’re saying stuff like ‘please sign up for my
email list’. (Never say that).

I’m not suggesting for one second that you elaborate
the truth or outright lie about results you’ve created
— definitely don’t do that — but equally, don’t go the
opposite way and start downplaying how good you

When it comes to the various pieces of the puzzle that
are going to make sure that you’re constantly in
demand online, I often see people saying things like
‘Ohhh the hardest part is just getting started!’

And generally speaking, I completely disagree with
that. The hardest part is continuing with it, and constantly
chipping away with what you need to be creating.

But in terms of writing a particular piece, and seeing it
through so you have something that you’re totally
happy with, and that’s going to perform for you, the
hardest part really often IS just getting started.

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