Segmenting your list? Nah

I’ve noticed a bit of a buzz online lately about the
whole notion of ‘segmenting your list’.

And I want to talk about this today, because it’s
almost definitely the cause a whole load of confusion,
frustration, and a lack of tangible results.

By segmenting, what I mean is this…

You have multiple different lists based on the reason
why people came to you in the first place. Then, you
send these people hugely different content, offer them
wildly different solutions, and ultimately you end up
with a back-end that’s spiralled out of control and you
have to create so any different things that not only do
you not know your arse from your elbow…

You’re trying to be a million one things to a huge variety
of people, and it’s never even really particularly clear
what it is that you do, or who you do it for.

So that’s an extreme example, granted, but that’s the
gist of what this often ends up looking like.

Honestly, you just DO NOT want to be doing any of

Your business needs to have ONE very clear

And everything else is part and parcel of that.

You see, email is very much ‘my thing’.

It’s where 99% of my sales have come from over the
past few years.

And it’s a big part of what I focus on with my clients.

So you might be amazed at just how simple my email
marketing system is.

Yes, I have a few different opt-in offers.

But they are ALL focused on the same result, for the
same group of people.

So when someone signs up, they go through an
autoresponder series that is of course tailored to
what they signed up for specifically.

Once they’ve completed that series, they get my daily

That’s ONE daily email for everyone.

And I’ll only ever sell ONE solution.

Yes, of course when someone buys, they receive a series
to welcome them and tell them what they really need to
know to get started and move forward and get the most
out of the solution, and so on.

But that’s pretty much it.

My paying clients still get my daily emails, just like
everyone else.


Because they might learn something new.

Because it might highlight a certain point that we’ve
focused on in more depth recently.

Because I advise them to use my emails as inspiration
for how to frame their own.

Because they tell me that they love them, so why
WOULDN’T they want them?

And also because it reminds them every morning how
awesome I am πŸ˜‰

I’m not up-selling and down-selling and cross-selling
and making everything ten times more complicated
than it has to be.

Because here’s the thing…

Effective email marketing (and by that, I mean email
marketing that actually makes you SALES – which is
the ONLY objective that you need to be focusing on)
is absolutely NOT about the complexity of the

It’s not about shooting people down different pathways
depending on what they’ve bought and when and how
likely they are to buy your next thing.

Have there been times when I’ve been more
‘sophisticated’ with my methods, from a tech
and segmentation point of view?

Yes, there have,

But I can tell you right now that I made significantly
less money than I am currently.

It’s really, really easy to get caught up with all the of the
techy bits and bobs and completely miss the ONE thing
that actually DOES matter…

The words that you share.

How you make people feel.

How you share your story.

How you have a CONVERSATION with them.

And how you leave them with no doubt in their mind that
they need to work with you.

That doesn’t come from systems or bots or some fancy
tech set-up that costs you $400+ a month and takes up
hours and hours of your time.

It comes from your ability to write copy that resonates
and converts.

Once you have a SOLID pipeline of people who buy
from you off the back of your emails?

Then sure, maybe you might want to try some more
advanced tactics.

But even then, it’s probably not really necessary.

Instead of getting caught up with the complicated stuff
that you might be able to do, just work on getting better
at your WORDS.

In one email.

That goes to everyone.

Selling one thing.

THIS is what is going to make a difference to how many
​​​​​​​sales you make.



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