Quantity or quality?

“Surely it’s better to create just a few great pieces of
content now and again, than churn out rubbish stuff
every single day of the week?”

^^That right there is an argument that seems to rage
on and on in the online business space, and of
course it’s also just common sense.

I’d never suggest that it’s better for you to publish a
load of nonsense all the time, than craft some careful
pieces that have been well thought out and are really
going to inspire your readers to think, to see things in
a different way, to actually FEEL something, and to
take action as a result.

But this statement is also, really, just an excuse for not
doing much.

You see, this past year, I’ve probably created 250+
emails, as a conservative estimate.

That’s an email to my own list every weekday, and the
emails that I write for a select few 1:1 clients.

And these emails have been responsible for a ton of

But perhaps most importantly in terms of my point this
morning, is that the act of writing all this content has
without doubt made me a much better writer.

When I look back at the emails I was writing a few
years back, I can instantly pick holes in them.

I can see how they could have been better.

I can glance over them and pinpoint how they could
have been punchier, more effective, more powerful.

Sure, they still made plenty of sales.

I still had an engaged list.

I still enjoyed the benefits of being a relentless
content creator.

But my standards have gone up… As a result of the art
of writing content DAILY.

That’s always going to happen.

It’s just inevitable.

If Mary Berry decided to bake a cake every single day
for the next 2 years, then would she better at it by the
end, despite the fact that she’s already an expert cake

Of course she would.

So this quality versus quantity argument is just a load
of nonsense.

Let’s suppose that you indulged yourself with believing
that it’s black and white, and that one piece of content
per month is the best option for your business.

Because this one piece is going to be QUALITY!

Then honestly, people are just going to forget who
you are.

If they sign up for your emails and it’s weeks before
they hear from you again?

You’ve already lost them.

So your ‘quality’ argument is no longer relevant.

Quality means nothing if it’s not translating into sales.

There MUST be an element of QUANTITY in there
as well.

Because at the end of the day, quantity DOES
equal quality.

Not instantly, sure.

But if you were to commit to writing a piece of content
for your audience EVERY DAY for the next few

And monitor your results, and get meaningful feedback
on it, from someone who knows what they’re talking

Then by the end of it, you’d be MUCH better at it.

You’d also be getting much better results.

Is this going to take up some time?

Of course it is.

But the more you write, the faster the process

These days, my daily email can take me less than 20
minutes most days.

And this is responsible for the vast majority of my

So it’s the most profitable 20 minutes of my day.

Commit to quantity.

Quality will follow.


P.S. Need some pointers for where to start with writing
this daily content that I’ve basically just committed
you to?

The ‘Write Better Emails’ series over in my private
Facebook Group is the best place to start.

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