“I’ve been thinking about buying for years”

So in the past couple of weeks I joined an online
programme to brush up on a couple of skills, and the
Facebook Group for the solution is VERY active right

You know how it goes when a big solution launches…

Everyone’s introducing themselves, sharing their
story, talking about the reasons why they joined.

(And if you’re in groups like this, then I highly
recommend that you pay attention to what people
are saying – because it can be the source of some
absolute marketing GOLD for your business).

So anyway, at least 50% of the people in this group
are saying things like ‘I’ve been thinking about joining
for YEARS now, but I finally made the leap because

And I love this.

Not because I want to see people stuck and holding
back from making the investments that they need to
make to hit their goals, but because this a drum that
I’ve been banging for a LONG time now.

And because there’s such a valuable lesson in this
about nurturing your audience.

People buy when they’re ready to buy.

And though we can push some of the right buttons
and help them to see that we have the solutions they
need, there are factors that are just out of our control.

The people who joined after years of thinking about
it, did so because the course leader continued to
nurture them, even when they weren’t buying.

She showed up, she helped people, she gave value.


Did she give up because people didn’t buy the first
time around?

Or did she learn from the numbers, continue to tweak,
continue to show up, continue to get BETTER at all
of these things?

Well I’m not privy to her inside methods, but I think
it’s safe to assume the latter here.

The same applies in mine and your business too.

If you aren’t making the sales that you want to be…

Could it be because you just haven’t laid the
groundwork enough?

That you haven’t done enough to get your audience
to trust you just yet?

Sometimes it’s not really about one killer piece of
content that knocks everyone’s socks off… It’s about
how you show up, day in, day out, for as long as it
takes, and UNTIL it takes.

Constantly getting better at content creation and
learning from trial and error about what inspires

Occasionally, people will buy from me as soon as they
find me/join my email list.

But that’s fairly rare.

People are much more likely to buy once you’ve built
a relationship with them via your awesome content.

Once they feel like they KNOW you.

When they like you.

When they see that they can TRUST you.

There are people who have been on my email list –
reading my emails every single day of the week –
for over 2 YEARS before they decided to buy.

So if I’d just forgotten about them or given up or
assumed that they were never going to buy from
me because they didn’t the first, or second, or third
time that they heard from me, then I’d have left
ridiculous amounts of cash on the table these
past few years.

(And I most definitely didn’t do that silly thing where
I just hoyed all my toys out the pram and deleted
all my non-buyers in the interests of ‘cleansing my list’…
Seriously, just don’t do that. It’s short sighted and
I’m pretty sick of people talking about it as if it makes
sense, because it just definitely does not).

You know what, too?

This nurturing stuff isn’t particularly sexy.

It’s not about overnight success.

It’s not as exciting or as compelling as stuff like ‘MAKE

But business doesn’t work like that.

You’re selling to PEOPLE.

And that’s tricky business in its own right.

So if you don’t have a robust nurturing strategy for
YOUR prospects?

Then you need to develop one.

Nurturing isn’t as sexy as promises like ‘get all the
buyers you need TODAY!’, but it’s what works, and
it’s absolutely essential.

My favourite ‘nurturing’ tools?

A good autoresponder series (I’ll tell you more about
that later in the week).

And solid daily emails.


P.S. If you’re serious about nurturing your audience in
the RIGHT way, and also doing what it takes to get
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