I really don’t like this fella, but…

So I’m on the email list of one particular marketer
who I really don’t like.

I mean, I think this guy is a bit of an arsehole, to
be honest.

And yet still…

Every time an email from him lands in my inbox, I’m
pretty excited to see what he has to say.

You see, he is an AMAZING email writer.

One of the absolute very best.

I know that I’m quite likely to learn some awesome
stuff when I read his emails — or at the very least,
see some awesome stuff that I already know in

So though his views on life and more political-leaning
kinds of things are VERY different to mine, I’m still
there, watching and learning and recognising the
fact that he does all of this stuff exceptionally well.

(And that’s a lesson in its own right. Want to people
to give a shit about what you have to say? You can’t
just churn out hints and tips all of the time and never
have an opinion on anything meaningful – regardless
of what your area of expertise is).

Instead of just getting myself agitated about the fact
that I might not agree with him most of the time on
a personal level, and throwing my toys out of the
pram and unsubscribing or wasting valuable time
out of my day to reply and tell him just how
WRONG he is about everything?

I view this as what it really is…

An outstanding case study in using the power of words
to draw in and convert an audience.

I don’t like him, sure, but I’ve got huge amounts of
respect for him.

The point of all this?

If you want to get better at writing copy – whether it be
emails, or social media posts, or whatever else – then
you need to STOP being a consumer of content, and
start looking at this with your CREATOR hat on.

If I had £1 for every time that I’d seen someone in a
group throwing a hissy fit because they disagreed
with something that was almost definitely intended
to be polarising in the first place? And something
that is VERY likely to get the creator of that post
raving fans and paying clients, if they’re consistent
with it?

Well I’d almost definitely have at least £100.

>>>So next time you have an emotional reaction
to a piece of content that someone else has created,
if it just so happens to be a NEGATIVE reaction,
then do this…

Recognise, that it is in fact an EMOTIONAL reaction.

This person made you FEEL something.

Which is kind of essential.

And then pull it apart.

If you love or hate a particular person’s content?

Ask yourself why.

Work out how it grabbed your attention in the first

Look at how they take you through a journey.

Assess how they compel you to go through to the
next stage.

What’s your relationship with that person, and how
has that been crafted? (You might have never had
any 1:1 contact with them, so I don’t mean this in
the traditional sense… I mean do you feel like you
know them? Why do you like or dislike them? Do
you trust them? How have they done this, just
through the power of their words?)

The beauty of all of this?

It’s one of the EASIEST ways to get better at writing
your own content.

And it won’t even cost you a penny.


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