“How Often Should I Send An Email?”

^^That’s a question that I’m asked on a VERY regular
basis, and this weekend alone, it’s come up twice.

So I’ll share with you a snippet of an interesting
conversation that I had with a mentor a good few
years ago now…

Me: “How often should I be sending an email?”
Him: “How often do you want to get paid?”
Me: “Every day?”
Him: “Exactly. Every day”

​​​​​​​And that piece of advice right there has been directly
responsible for practically every sale I’ve made
online in recent years.

I’ve sent an email every day for a few years now.

Last year, I ‘sold’ in almost every one of those emails.

Yes, there was also serious and outstanding VALUE
in almost all of them – which is definitely a key
foundation of any of this working AT ALL…

But I also offered a way to work with me.

And almost every day, my PayPal account pinged with
a sale.

Right now, the doors to my solutions are firmly shut and
will be for a little while longer yet whilst I beaver away
with a few behind-the-scenes tasks, but if you’re at the
stage where you need to be selling MORE?

Then you need to be giving people an opportunity to
actually work with you.

None of this is secret-ninja-tactic kind of stuff.

It’s common sense.

But it works.

When, of course, you can create the ‘right kind’ of emails.

Every single day that you DON’T connect with your
audience, you’re basically saying “No money or
sales for me today, thank you”

And if you need more sales?

Then that’s plain old daft.

​​​​​​​Maybe right now you’re thinking ‘YES RUTH, BUT ISN’T

I get that.

And I’m not suggesting for one second that you send
your audience anything that isn’t just absolutely

But it’s not really a valid argument.

Because they’re not mutually exclusive things.

In fact, they’re VERY closely related.

Create MORE content, and you get BETTER at it.

Quantity leads to quality.

I can teach you some of my very favourite copy and
conversion tactics… Things that I’ve learned through
working with some of the best experts in the world,
and through working with a massive variety of business
owners over the past few years…

But if you’re not willing to PRACTICE them…

To try them out…

To bring YOUR unique voice to them…

And to commit to getting better…

Then it would all be pretty pointless.

>>>So how often should you send an email?

Well, how often do you want to make a sale?

P.S. Right now in my private Facebook group, we’re
​​​​​​​talking about how to write better emails.

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