How many discovery calls have you got booked in this week?

So you sneak a peak at your diary for the week ahead,
and you’ve got ZERO discovery calls booked in.

And that’s a problem.

Calls lead to clients.

You’ve got bills to pay and a business to grow, and you
can’t do these things if you’re not having conversations
with your prospects.

Do you…

1) Panic. Curse. Cry. Say a few prayers to the Gods of
Fully Booked Schedules, then swear that you’re going
to get this stuff under control, but not until you’ve buried
your head in the sand for a little bit longer.

2) Spend ages trying to craft an awesome email to your
list to invite them to book a call. Come up with a ton of
different ideas. Scratch them all off because they sound
boring, uninspired, and maybe even a little bit
desperate. Promise yourself that you’ll get better at
writing emails, but not this week because it’s REALLY

3) Legally swipe and steal THREE tried, tested & proven
templates, that have filled diaries with eager prospects
who can’t wait to buy – created for you for FREE by me.

Number 3 sounds like the best option here, right?

>>>These templates have been responsible for skyrocketed
open & conversion rates, countless discovery calls, and a
whole load of sealed deals.

And I’ve just made them available for you to download.

Download your swipe file, right now, here:

These are for you IF:

– You’ve got an email list (even if it’s tiny right now), and
you know that it should be your number one source of
discovery calls, but you’re struggling to create enough

– You know that you’re missing the mark somewhere
along the way with the content you’re sharing, and you
really need to up your game if you’re going to get your
subscribers OFF the fence, and booked into your

All you need to do is take your templates, tweak them
slightly so they’re relevant to YOUR business, and then
plug them in to your email software account.

I really couldn’t be making it any easier for you to book
in calls THIS WEEK.

Grab your copy of your swipe file here:



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