Email from Sian

After my email just last week about how my copy &
conversions strategies can be applied to just about
ANY business out there, I received a pretty interesting
question in my inbox from a reader, Sian.

She said:

“Thanks Ruth, I can understand what you’re saying
about all buyers being humans and tapping into how
they think and act.

Would there be any differences though, even slightly,
in how you talk to business owner clients instead of
other clients who don’t have businesses? I’m shifting
over to target the general population and I’ve had
some successes for far but want to really knuckle
down with my new direction”

Short answer?

There’s a bit of a myth that you can only really achieve
​​​​​​​BIG levels of success if you’re targeting business owners.

That these people are the only ones who will make bigger

​​​​​​​That getting other people to buy is a different kettle of

And that’s just NOT true.

In fact, I’d even say that you’re at an ADVANTAGE
if you’re targeting non-business owners.

You see, you and I, we’ve been around the block a
few times.

We see copy & conversion tactics – both good and bad –
ALL of the time.

You’ve probably already received a few emails today
from someone trying to sell you an online course
about making more sales, or manifesting millions,
or whatever else.

We can spot these things a mile off.

For people who are NOT business owners though?

​​​​​​​If you’re targeting these people, they’re probably going
to be on less email lists. They’re not going to be seeing
more advanced tactics all of the time.

If you run a solution for non-business owners telling
them that it closes TODAY, and it’s their last chance
to get in at that rate?

(And you do it in a compelling way?)

Then they’re going to believe you.

When YOU see someone telling you this?

Let’s face it, you might be a bit sceptical.

Because how many times before have you seen
someone tell you this… Only to notice that the very
next day, they’re still flogging it for the same price?

You’re going to have to do more legwork with a
business crowd to prove to them that you’re not
just full of shit, basically.

Bottom line here?

If you’re NOT selling to business owners, recognise
that you’ve got things pretty good here – and start
applying my tactics TODAY – you’re very likely to get
some very quick wins.

And if you ARE targeting business owners?

This market is jam packed with solutions.

You’re up against some serious competition.

Which doesn’t mean that what you want to achieve
can’t be done… But it DOES mean that you need to
nail this copy & conversion stuff, and you need to do
it sooner rather than later.

Because otherwise?

You’re going to end up swimming in a sea of other

And you definitely don’t want to be there.


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