Doing ‘ideal client’ all wrong?

So over the weekend, I was thinking about the concept
of ‘ideal client’… And basically, I think that in general in
the online space, we’re both not obsessed with it
ENOUGH, and also way TOO obsessed with it.

In different ways.

I’m not actually contradicting myself here because these
are two separate and very important points 😂

I often see people asking questions like ‘Do you fully
understand your ideal client?’…

And inevitably, there’s dozens of comments from people
being like ‘Ohhhh yes of course, totally got that nailed,
I’m no newbie!’, etc.

I always think to myself ‘REALLY?!’

It’s a bit of a dangerous position to put yourself in, to
assume that you know all there is to know.

You almost definitely absolutely don’t.

It comes down to understanding human behaviour, and
that’s the most complex thing imaginable.

Even now, in my own business and with clients who I’ve
been working with for a long time, I still do ideal client
research very regularly.

Not always actively, as such, but I’ll do things like
screenshotting FB Ads targeted towards our ideal
client profiles, and I’ll put them in a little folder to
come back to at a later date.

(Btw this is one of my favourite tactics for understanding
an audience better… You need to know what else they’re
seeing, and analyse how they’re likely to feel about
those things – always a source of a ton of awesome
hooks and angles for content).

So yeah…

I think we often do need to get a lot MORE obsessed
with ideal client and understanding your market, from
this point of view.

>>>But NOT from the point of view of letting your
ideal client completely dictate what kind of business
you run.

This is where so many people just take it too far, and
end up running themselves around in circles as a

Your own message and your very specific area of
expertise is EQUALLY as important.

You can’t possibly help your ideal client with

So for example, a marketing message just around how
you help female entrepreneurs would be a pretty weak
and incomplete one.

You can’t possibly help them with getting their first
client, and managing their finances, and designing
their logos, and writing their copy, and knowing exactly
what to say on a discovery call.

Even if you DID happen to have knowledge in all of
these areas…

You probably can’t truly excel with all of them.

And from a copy point of view, you’d have a right
nightmare trying to pull that into anything that actually
resonated with people and compelled them to take action.

Equally, don’t feel like you have to oblige all their

Every now and again, someone will ask in a group ‘Oh
my current client wants me to do this new task for them –
how exactly do I do it? What tools do I need?’, and so on.

Know your ‘thing’.

Own it.

Just DO that one thing.

>>>It might feel limiting and like you’re putting yourself
in a box, but the opposite is true – everything becomes so
much easier when you just commit to being the go-to
person that thing.

You can write better and much more focused emails.

You can have a clear message on your site that gets
the RIGHT people ridiculously excited.

You’re not just yet another person talking about a bunch
of stuff and being visible for the sake of visibility.

(I often say to my clients that it’s about MEANINGFUL
VISIBILITY – if everyone in your space knows who you
are because you’re a bit of a gobshite, but no one
actually knows what it is that you DO – then you’re
wasting your efforts).

If a client asked me to do anything for them other than
writing copy and improving their conversions, then I’d
just politely say no. (But they wouldn’t ask me that
anyway, because they know very clearly what my
expertise is!).

I wouldn’t freak out and run around trying to learn a
new thing, because this would be a disservice to both
me and the client in question.

So yes… Obsess over ideal clients, in the right way.

But also obsess over your own messaging and really
nailing that down.


P.S. I noticed over the weekend that there are over 200
people in my private Facebook Group, who’ve all made
the commitment to getting better at writing awesome

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