Petra Foster, Client Enrolment Strategist

Elyse Tager, Facebook Ads Strategist

Sharon Chapman, Emotional Freedom Coach

April Saunders, Love Carbs Coach

Carolyn Chebaro, Online School Specialist, Global Face Marketing


“I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say how much I am enjoying your programme. I have completed a lot of courses and joined a lot of groups recently and yours is definitely one of the very best. Most try to convince you that your branding has to look a certain way or you have to have a certain image to succeed, and whilst these things are important – they are not the most important element for business success. You’re different, you have such a natural approach and the lack of timewasting means the focus moves from wishing to working. You inspire us to first work on our business (with a clear plan) and then to look after the other things.

Most courses tell you what to do … you show us what to do. I don’t have to spend a fortune to create an opt-in for my website but I do have to sit down and do the work !

Thanks so much, I can’t wait for next month and what I learn next.

Orlaith xx”

Orlaith Brogan, The Naked Sales Coach


“Working with Ruth has really helped me get on track with my business ideas and plans. Providing clear structures, steps and ideas for moving forward with business ideas and marketing, her programme helped me to plan and get in place everything I need to not only move my business idea forward, but then increasingly take it to the next level with guidance to review and refine my marketing, content, and client attraction approach.

From feeling overwhelmed, I feel calmer and more in control and have great systems to monitor and measure responses and ideas of how to improve and tweak as I go for better results. Ruth is always on hand to support, answer questions and also motivate you to keep going with her unique, knowledgeable and fun style! Great support is also provided by the community – invaluable and highly recommended!”

Lucy Merrifield, HR Consultant