Can you sell high-ticket via email?

So from time to time, someone will write to tell me that
whilst email is all well and good, you can’t use it as a
method for selling high-ticket services.

That if you’re charging premium rates for what you do,
then there’s no option but to get people on a phone
call so you can close that deal.

And I have to politely disagree with that.

Because I’ve got solid proof to the contrary.

‘High-ticket’ is a relative term, but I think most of us
would agree that a $2,000 solution isn’t ‘cheap’.

In the past few weeks, a client of mine has sold around
$40,000 of $2,000 of solutions without speaking to
these buyers on the phone.

It’s just as simple to sell high-priced services as it is
to sell low-priced packages.

Not as EASY, perhaps.

But definitely just as simple.

So it’s not a case of selling high-end via email being
impossible, per se… It’s a case of your emails just not
being hot enough to do that.

And your emails, really, are just one (very important)
piece in a bigger puzzle.

>>>But maybe the real thing to consider here is this…

Let’s suppose that you want to get on the phone with
people before you bring them onboard as clients.

You want to find out more about them, and maybe you
offer a fairly bespoke service, so they’re not going to just
buy an off-the-shelf solution from you.

​​​​​​​So that could be the case if you’re a web designer, for

How are you planning to actually GET these people on
the phone, in the first place?

They’re not just going to magically stumble across your
page that invites them to book a call with you.

They’re not going to book a call if they don’t know who
you are.

Good email content is what comes FIRST, in any of this.

Selling a high-ticket solution, is a process, for sure.

People don’t just go from not knowing you, to booking
in a call, to paying you your fees, without you having a
carefully crafted path that you guide them down.

And your emails?

They do your heavy lifting.

In the times when I’ve sold via a discovery call, it hasn’t
been a big bother.

Because by the time someone has booked in a call with
​​​​​​​me, they’ve been reading my emails for a little while.

They know exactly what I do.

They know about the results that I can help them to

So it’s not a sales call, as such. It’s just about ironing
out the finer details.

If the problem right now is that people don’t know
​​​​​​​who you are, so they’re not booking a call in to start

Then you need to become unignorable.

Your content — whether that be email or what you share
on social media — is what has the power to do that.



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