But people will unsubscribe!

I’ve been banging the ‘EMAIL YOUR LIST EVERY
SINGLE DAY’ drum a lot recently, because honestly,
this email-once-a-week thing is broken, and it’s
stopping you from making sales, and it’s stopping
you from actually reaching out and HELPING and
SERVING the people who’ve actively put their
hand in the air and TOLD you that they want to hear
MORE from you.

So when people come back and say to me ‘But Ruth,
people are going to unsubscribe if I email them every
day of week’…

Then actually, I totally agree.

People WILL unsubscribe.

People may well decide that you’re just too much for

That they don’t want to hear the quality, valuable,
helpful, inspiring things that you have to share with
them every day of the week.

But really?

These people were NEVER, ever going to buy from you

If they don’t LOVE the stuff that you’re giving them for
free, that has the power to get them out of the situation
that they’re stuck in?

Then they’re probably not going to be much fun to
work with anyway.

They haven’t fully BOUGHT IN to the way you do things,
and your message, and doing what you know is
required to get unstuck with this thing that you help
people with.

If people are NOT unsubscribing from your list?

Then that in itself is a problem.

Because you’re obviously toeing the line.

Playing it safe.

Not giving anyone anything to DISAGREE with.

And if there’s nothing to disagree with?

Then there’s nothing to make people love you, either.

It’s impossible to send TOO MANY emails.

But it’s totally possible to send emails that are boring,
bland, and uninspiring.

So the problem that you probably ACTUALLY have if
this daily email thing is causing you some worry and
concern and fear and doubt, is that you just don’t
know how to write good emails.

And that’s a different problem entirely.

What would you rather have…

A huge, bloated list full of people who don’t particularly
care either way about what you’re saying?

Or a smaller list of people who GET you, who can’t
wait to hear from you every day of the week, and
who also buy from you, again and again and again?

Because if you’re fretting about unsubscribes, then
that’s the question that you need to ask yourself.

Would you rather feel popular, or would you rather
get paid?

P.S. If you’re stuck right now? And you’re not making
​​​​​​​the money that you want to be? Or you feel like you’re
being completely overlooked online.

Then what you really need to do is start crafting the
words that have the power to make sure that you’re
constantly in demand.

Over in my Facebook group this week, I’m helping
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