Are They Telling You That You’re Wrong?

Do you know what one of the BIGGEST indicators
is of your content being absolutely on the mark,
shit-hot, and likely to propel you to true authority
status in your industry, if you keep it up?

Well the first one is that you’re actually making sales
as a result of sharing it.

That’s the only thing that really matters, at the end of
the day.

But one of my all-time favourite ways of knowing that
my stuff really is at its very best, is when people go
out of their way to tell me that I am WRONG.

I’ve had some fairly odd and strange messages of
this nature, but I’ll come to them in a minute…

You see, these comments about how wrong I am
always land in my inbox during times when I’m
doing a seriously impressive amount of sales.

Which isn’t just a coincidence.

They’re VERY much linked to each other.

If you’re just sharing some generic hints and tips all of
the time, being fairly generic and toeing the line, then
no one is probably going to reach out to tell you how
wrong you are.

But equally, no one is going to bother to agree with
you either, to the extent that they’re going to want to
work with you.

You naturally have things that you stand for.

There will be frustrations that you have related to what
goes on in your industry.

So talk about them.

TELL people what you stand for.

Call out the nonsense that you believe strongly

Open yourself up to people telling you that you are

It’s profitable, and it’s also liberating.

I’m not talking about being facetious for the sake of it.

I’m not talking about being a bit of a dick just to get a

You can smell the desperation from tactics like that a
mile off.

But if you want to get people to buy, then you’re going
to have to create some kind of emotional reaction at
some point.

And you know what?

Some people just get their feathers in a right old ruffle
when you’re quite clearly up-levelling.

So often, someone telling you that you’re wrong simply
tells you that you’re making them feel uncomfortable
with your growth, and also that you’re on the verge
of a breakthrough.

Here’s a selection of comments I’ve had from people
who have not loved what I have to say…

>>>”I enjoy your emails but I think many people will find it
off-putting when you talk about feminism”

If you are reading my emails, then I’m going to assume
that you are a woman who runs a business. You have
the freedom to do that. And your money isn’t going
directly into the bank account of a man who essentially
owns you.

So like it or not, you are enjoying the benefits of
feminism. But women STILL get paid less than men.
That pisses me off, and I refuse to not talk about it and
contribute to the conversation of how we can fix this.

>>>”You advocate email marketing but this is becoming
an outdated tactic”

The irony here was that this was a reply to one of my
daily emails. That they’d signed up for. And that
they’d read. And that they’d felt compelled to do
something about…

>>>”I don’t like your approach but I can’t stop reading your

Well, really? This just proves my whole point…


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