Do you want to smash yourself out of obscurity online, and be constantly in demand?

Then you don’t need another online course.

You don’t need some secret 6-figures-in-6-minutes strategy.

You don’t even need to just work HARDER, or throw some more shit at the wall and hope that some of it sticks.

What you really need is to learn how to write so you’re unignorable. 

So you magnetise all the best prospects into your world.

And so you can convert those people into clients who buy again, and again, and again, and keep coming back for more because they don’t just love you – they know that there’s no one else who they’d rather work with.

Because that’s what the right words can really do for you.

I’m Ruth Hinds, and I’m a copy & conversions strategist. That’s just an elaborate way to say that I can show you how to turn your copy into a cash machine. 

And what this really means is that I can help you to craft the entire process that takes people from not knowing who you are, to telling you to just shut up and take their money (though they probably won’t tell you to shut up, because they can’t get enough of what you’re saying).

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Maybe you’ve been lead to believe that compelling copy is all about having an amazing sales page that sells out your services and has payments flying into your bank account every day of the week. 

And a good sales page can do wonders for your business, but it’s only one part of the story.

If no one knows who you, then they’re never going to visit that sales page in the first place.

And even if they DO know who you are… If you haven’t blown their socks off with a nurturing process, then they’re not going to whip out their wallets.

>>>Your copy should be the journey that you take people through so your prospects can’t wait to get to the next stage.

From being the person on social media who they just can’t ignore (and not because you’re doing all the cringey spammy stuff, either)…

To handing you their email address and telling you that they want to know more…

To eagerly anticipating your emails landing in their inbox…

To buying your solutions eagerly, excitedly, and without any kind of hesitation.

This is what the real value of nailing copy and conversions is. 

And it’s what I can show you for YOUR business. 

My clients have created $70k+ launches.

They’ve had hundreds of people joining their email list in a matter of weeks.

They’ve had up to 100% email open-rates (no, that’s not a typo… 100% open rates, which is practically unheard of).

They’ve had conversions of almost 50% on their landing pages.

They’ve dominated their niches on social media.

And I’ve been their secret weapon in all of this. 

So you don’t need another online course, or that 6-figures-in-6-minutes programme that deep down, you absolutely know isn’t going to work anyway.

You just need to master your copy and your conversions.

Because when you do?

You will never, ever go hungry.

You’ll sell.

You’ll thrive.

And you’ll escape obscurity for good.

Ruth x

The full, ‘semi-professional’ lowdown:

I graduated with a Business Studies degree before working in senior roles in the corporate world, whilst studying in my spare time for my MSc.

Seven years ago, I left a high paid role with good prospects because I knew that life wasn’t for me.

I was miserable, I was anxious, and I had an overwhelming sense of “BLOODY HELL, IS THIS IT?”

So I handed in my resignation, gave my notice on my flat, and moved back into my parents’ spare bedroom and tried to work out what came next.

From there, I joined an MLM company and I immersed myself in learning online marketing. And yeah I know, MLM gets a bad rap. For good reason a lot of the time, because you’re often taught to just spam people online and hope for the best. I realised that wasn’t going to cut it, and I did things a bit differently. Within three short months, I’d achieved top-50 recruiter status in the business, had built a team of 90 sales staff within 90 days, and was being featured in the national press.

But honestly, it was exhausting. I even got bit by a dog through a letterbox one day while I was out selling… And that’s just one of the many tales I collected. After a year, I had the whole online lead generation thing completely nailed, but it was time for a new challenge.

I’d fallen in love with copywriting and conversions, and I also realised that I was pretty damn good at it, too.

I left MLM behind and I founded a copywriting consultancy, crafting marketing campaigns for international brands and businesses.

In the summer of 2016, with a ton of successes under my belt, I realised that what I really wanted to do was help female online entrepreneurs to be constantly in demand through the power of words. Women like me. Women who I knew I could help to break free from obscurity and be constantly in demand.

Since then, I’ve worked with a ton of amazing women to show them how to turn their copy into a cash machine.

I’ve featured in The Guardian, Daily Mail, Company Magazine, Huffington Post, Startups, Outsource Magazine, Women of HR, and more.